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Back at Newgrounds.

2010-08-12 15:39:06 by NAMEOFUSER

Back at newgrounds for now. Not that it really matters.


2009-07-16 01:22:03 by NAMEOFUSER

first submission to the art portal. just waiting to be scouted now.


2009-05-05 17:11:08 by NAMEOFUSER

I haven't been on here in awhile and to my surprise what do i find? all my audio submissions are gone. oh well. i suppose they weren't that spectacular anyways. How could they be if everyone just let them disappear.

the problem with waiting.

2008-09-15 22:08:13 by NAMEOFUSER

After just beginning to produce music again after almost a years break i have come to notice something. time has stolen most of my skill. so in short sorry for not being up to par my with newest two tracks.


2008-09-11 18:37:25 by NAMEOFUSER

alright guys im thinking about startin to make some new stuff again. so watch out for it i guess.


2008-04-12 13:43:47 by NAMEOFUSER

feel free to spam me im not gonna check enough to care

you know what would be awsome

2008-02-18 20:43:17 by NAMEOFUSER

if the mods actualy looked like they do in their avatars

whats up

2008-01-16 21:22:14 by NAMEOFUSER

just didnt feel my other post was really realevent any more so i decided just write what i just did.

my new songs are not doing as good as my others though i feel they are more dynamic and complete than the others. maby i have become the target of 0 bombers but whatever it is im getting greatly discouraged if any has a tip to come over this help would be greatly aprreciated


2007-10-26 18:13:37 by NAMEOFUSER

finaly made it on top 30 ranking in at 20 with the past of tommorow wich inspired me to make my newest song its a letile sketchy but i will make it work